Psychologist - Thompson
Position: Psychologist
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Psychologist
Job Location: Thompson Public Schools
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Thompson
N Grosvenordale, CT 06255
Telephone: 860-923-9581
Job Description:
General Duties:  Lead group or individual counseling sessions, activities in an environment                                                                          that students can learn effectively and fostering positive mental health and personal  
  1. To administer, interpret, utilize psychological tests, functional behavior assessments and other evaluation materials, both objective and subjective, and prepare profiles and reports.
  2. To help school teams use evaluation and observation data to plan instruction that will help students meet learning standards and access curriculum.
  3. To identify students in need of support and/or referral services through observation, data collection, informal and formal evaluation, and assist school personnel in the implementation and coordination of appropriate action steps.
  4. To assist school teams in analyzing learning environments to provide optimum conditions for pro-social interactions.
  5. To assist school teams in developing, implementing, and monitoring behavior intervention plans for children experiencing difficulty in regular and special education settings.
  6. To provide on-going consultation and modeling of therapeutic strategies for teaching teams and support staff dealing with dysfunctional and/or challenging children in regular or special education settings.
  7. To provide consultation and modeling for parents as needed; such services may require in-home/after-school scheduling.
  8. Conduct individual, group, or facilitative therapy for children whose diagnosed problems would benefit from such intervention.
  9. Conduct in-service training for school personnel and parents regarding appropriate behavior techniques and strategies.
  10. Act as liaison and case manager for students who are involved with community professionals or mental health and social service agencies.
  11. Required to attend upcoming CPI training for de-escalation techniques.
  12. Chair evaluation, review, and re-evaluation meetings when designated by the Special Education Supervisor.
  13. Maintain case records on all referred students.
  14. Attend staff, professional, and inter-agency meetings.
  15. Conduct appropriate research and demonstrate understanding of current theory(ies) in fields of psychological/social services.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Pupil Services or his/her designee.                                                                                   
Meet Connecticut certification as a school psychologist.
  1. Demonstrated aptitude for working with a special needs population.
  2. Knowledge of FBA, BIP and Manifestations.
  3. Knowledge of MTSS/PBIS.
  4. Experience with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of Connecticut and federal special education laws and regulations, including knowledge of legal and clinical definitions of disabilities and eligibility of Special Education services.
  6. Demonstrate ability to evaluate students with appropriate instruments.
  7. Demonstrate competent writing skills including word processing skills for writing
  8. evaluations summaries, Functional Behavioral Assessments & Behavior Intervention Plans, Observations, etc.
  9. Have experience counseling school age students.

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