Classroom Teacher - Archdiocese of Hartford
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Elementary School Classes
Job Title: 4th Grade Teacher
Job Location: All Saints Catholic Academy (423 Ferry Street, New Haven, CT, 06513)
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Archdiocese of Hartford
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Telephone: 860-242-5573 EXT 2650
Job Description:
4th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Catholic school educators, in carrying out the educational mission of the Church, have a continuing responsibility to teach, learn and promote Christ’s values as expressed in Scripture and in the Church. The teacher is an educational and spiritual leader who encourages excellence in all students through best practices, and innovative and traditional education programs infused with Catholic social teaching. The teacher is responsible to the president or principal of the school for the effective implementation of the appropriate curriculum/program and for the successful instruction and guidance of students according to their individual needs and abilities. As a representative of the school, the parish, and the Archdiocese of Hartford, the teacher collaborates and cooperates with other members of the staff in promoting and enhancing the religious character of the educational experiences provided for students. The teacher recognizes the importance of cooperation between the school, the parish and the home, and maintains open and frequent communication with parents/guardians and administration.
The standards expected of a teacher in the Archdiocese of Hartford as follows:
  1. School Mission and Community of Faith
Standard:  Teachers understand and apply essential skills, central concepts and integrate Catholic social teachings and Gospel values in their subject matter and interactions with students and school community.
  1. Classroom Environment and Student Engagement
Standard:  Teachers promote student engagement, independence and                               interdependence in learning by facilitating a positive learning community.
  1. Planning and Preparation for Active Learning
Standard: Teachers plan instruction in order to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and to promote their curiosity about the world at large.
  1. Instruction for Active Learning
Standard:  Teachers implement instruction in order to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and to promote their curiosity about the world at large.
  1. Assessment for Learning
Standard:  Teachers use multiple measures to analyze student performance and to inform subsequent planning and instruction.
  1. Professional Responsibilities and Teacher Leadership
Standard:  Teachers actively support all established goals, maximize support for student learning by developing professional skills, demonstrating professionalism, collaborating with others, and exhibiting leadership.

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