Classroom Teacher - Stamford Public Schools
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Job Title: 2022-2023 Candidate Pool: Bilingual Teacher
Job Location: Stamford Public Schools
Beginning: Aug 24, 2022
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Bilingual Education (009)
Certificate: Bilingual Elementary Education (902)
District: Stamford Public Schools
Stamford, CT 06904
Telephone: 203-977-5903
Job Description:
General Statement:
The Connecticut State Board of Education (CSBE) believes that high-quality, comprehensive and effective English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs are essential to acquire English language proficiency and academic proficiency for students who are English Learners (ELs).  Bilingual teachers work under Section 10 17e(2) of the C.G.S. This statute defines bilingual education as a program that: “(A) Makes instructional use of both English and the eligible student’s native language (B) enables eligible students to achieve English proficiency and academic mastery of subject matter and higher order skills, including critical thinking, so as to meet appropriate grade promotion and graduation requirements; (C) provides for the continuous increase in the use of English and corresponding decrease in the use of the native language for the purpose of instruction within each year and from year to year and provides for the use of English for more than half of the instructional time by the end of the first year.”
Bilingual teachers are bilingual certified instructors who teach individuals who are bilingual eligible and have selected the bilingual program. Bilingual teachers work with eligible students to provide grade level appropriate content with linguistic and academic supports.  The goal of the bilingual program is to provide Spanish or Haitian-Creole language support as a scaffold for students in order to make the core curriculum comprehensible for ELs while building language proficiency in English. 
Major Responsibilities:
  • Provide instruction for students who are eligible for and have chosen the Bilingual program
  • Make accommodations to mainstream curriculum so that content is accessible
  • Use Mainstream curriculum as a tool for bilingual program
  • Progressively expand student’s understanding and use of English in a school year
  • Provide expertise to building principals and Coordinator of EL in planning and implementing programs which address the needs and abilities of the identified EL student population
  • Maintain appropriate documents on assessment of bilingual students
  • Collaborate with other content teachers to ensure that bilingual students have access to the same content
  • Collaborate with other bilingual teachers to support students’ acculturation and acquisition of English
  • Assist in the annual assessment of identified EL students as mandated by State and Federal statutes.
  • Communicate with parents/guardians of bilingual students
  • Collaborate to support EL students identified as needing additional support on the EL Monitoring Report.
  • Assist the Coordinator of EL in maintaining records and reports as requested by local, state or federal agencies
  • Work with building administration to develop reasonable schedules for bilingual students
  • Performs additional duties as assigned.
  • CT CSDE certification endorsed for Bilingual Education as appropriate for the content area and grade levels:
    • Bilingual, Pre-K – Grade 12 (009)
    • Bilingual Elementary Education, Pre-K – Grade 8 (902)
    • Bilingual English, Middle School (966) or Bilingual English, Grades 7-12 (915)
    • Bilingual Mathematics, Middle School (968) or Bilingual Mathematics, Grades 7-12 (929)
    • Bilingual History/Social Studies, Middle School (967) or Bilingual History/Social Studies, Grades 7-12 (926)
    • Bilingual Biology, Middle School (969), Bilingual Chemistry, Middle School (970), Bilingual Physics, Middle School (971), Bilingual Earth Science, Middle School (972), Bilingual General Science, Middle School (973), or Bilingual Integrated Science, Middle School (974)
    • Bilingual Biology, Grades 7-12 (930) AND Bilingual Chemistry, Grades 7-12 (931) or Bilingual Physics, Grades 7-12 (932) or Bilingual Earth Science, Grades 7-12 (933) or Bilingual General Science, Grades 7-12 (934)
  • Experience working with EL students preferred
  • Demonstrated excellence in teaching
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with administrators, teachers, parents and students
  • Superior communication skills (oral and written)
  • Knowledge of and/or demonstrate the ability to learn and implement Operating Systems (i.e. Windows); Office suites (i.e. Microsoft Office, Google Docs); Presentation Software (i.e. PowerPoint, Keynote); Spreadsheets (i.e. Excel, Google Spreadsheets); Communication and Collaboration tools (i.e. Skype); Accounting Software (i.e. QuickBooks); Student Information Systems (i.e. Naviance, Power School); or any other technology deemed relevant for this position.
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