Classroom Teacher - Naugatuck
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Science
Job Title: Physics Teacher
Job Location: Naugatuck High School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Feb 21, 2019**
District: Naugatuck
Naugatuck, CT 06770
Telephone: 203-720-5265
Job Description:
Physics Teacher
Naugatuck High School

The teacher plans, organizes, presents and evaluates an instructional program for students in areas assigned under the jurisdiction of the principal or appropriate supervisor.
  1. Complies with all published and disseminated rules, regulations, and policies of the Board of Education.
  2. Instructs, guides, disciplines and supervises in accordance with Naugatuck's goals and objectives, the Professional Code of Responsibilities, the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching, and the Connecticut Common Core of Learning.
  3. Respects the privacy of the people for whom services are provided.
  4. Acknowledges and respects individual differences of each student, and provides the student with appropriate educational experiences. 
  5. Monitors the progress of all students in accordance with the indicators of pupil progress such as teacher observation, formal and informal evaluation, cumulative pupil records, and parental conferences. 
  6. Assists in the development and implementation of individual student improvement plans. 
  7. Brings to the attention of appropriate school personnel those students who may require the assistance of district specialists.
  8. Maintains such records and reports as required under the provisions of state law and administrative regulations; e.g., attendance, grades, classroom inventory, recommendations for budgetary items. 
  9. Assists administration, where appropriate, in developing reasonable rules for student behavior and procedures for the teacher's specific area of responsibility.
  10. Establishes and maintains sound relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers, non­teaching personnel, and administrators.
  11. Participates in activities that promote professional enhancement.
  12. Attends staff meetings in accordance with Board of Education regulations.
  13. Maintains awareness of new developments in the field, of changes in federal and state guidelines, and of changes within the curriculum approved by the Board of Education. 
  14. Delivers instruction in accordance with the areas of content as presented in the curriculum and grades which are addressed in the Connecticut State Frameworks. 
  15. Performs additional duties, where appropriate, which are assigned within the scope of employment and certification.
Required qualification: Certification in instructional area
Reports to: Building principal and appropriate supervisor
Work Year: by contract
Revised: 10/01

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