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Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Before/After Caregiver
Job Location: Overbrook School
Beginning: Feb 07, 2019
Deadline: Apr 08, 2019**
District: East Haven Public Schools
East Haven, CT 06513
Telephone: 203-468-3951
Job Description:
Responsibilities: The Caregiver works closely with teachers and non-teaching professionals to provide a wide range of support for students.
Requirements: Candidates should have a high school diploma or equivalent and experience working with preschool aged children.
This position is up to 27.5 hours per week.  The hourly rate is $10.10 with no benefits. 
Job Title:  Caregiver
Description: East Haven Public Schools is seeking a seasoned, energetic, and team oriented individual with a desire to positively impact our East Haven Family Resource Center, and the community.
Primary Role & Responsibilities:  The Caregiver works closely with teachers and non-teaching professionals to provide a wide range of support for students including:
  • developing and locating resources
  • setting up and operating equipment
  • undertaking administrative/clerical duties
  • supervising students
  • facilitation of activities under the direction of a teacher.
  • High School diploma or equivalency.
  • Successful candidates will be highly energetic, flexible, open to learning and able to follow written and verbal instructions accurately.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum practices.
  • Well organized and can work independently; Excellent computer and interpersonal and writing skills
  • Maintain confidentiality about issues concerning other faculty members, children and families, or East Haven Family Resource Program management and operations. Do not involve parents in concerns of the program.
  • Maintain professional dress code.
  • Support organizational mission, philosophies, values, goals, and policies to parents, co-workers, and the community.
  • Ensure continuity of care for children by reporting to work on time and maintaining consistent attendance, and arranging and communicating leave request in advance.
  • Respect and adhere to staffing schedules that may be adjusted as program needs change.
  • Attend staff meetings, training sessions, and other program events.
  • Receive constructive criticism with an attitude that indicates a willingness to improve. Give feedback in a respectful manner.
Interaction between Faculty and Children/ Faculty and Parent:
  • Interact frequently, affectionately, and respectfully by smiling and speaking to children in a friendly, calm, soft, courteous manner within close proximity of the child.
  • Respect and observe children’s interests. Intervene when needed to maintain safety.
  • Engage and communicate constructively with individual children during activities and routines. Take every opportunity to positively extend children’s thinking and actions.
  • Be available and responsive to children’s needs, questions, and requests.
  • Encourage and model social behavior and expectations that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Acknowledge feelings with sensitivity and demonstrate appropriate expression of emotions.
  • Communicate directly with each child at the child’s level.
  • Practice positive discipline techniques in guiding children’s behavior.
  • Be attentive, flexible, and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms.
  • Acknowledge parents and all classroom visitors.
  • Demonstrate a friendly, courteous, and professional demeanor.
Physical Environment, Health, Safety and Nutrition:
  • Maintain and follow all safety and health rules of the program.
  • Supervise children at all times. Demonstrate awareness of entire group while working with a small group or individuals
  • Know the number of children in your group and maintain ratios at all times. Maintain accurate attendance records throughout the day.
  • Complete appropriate paperwork (i.e. accident, medication, allergies).
  • Encourage children to utilize appropriate health, safety, and nutritional practices.
  • Keep environment and equipment safe, clean, and attractive. Encourage respect for classroom materials. Notify designated individual in advance when supplies are needed.
  • Arrange space in clearly defined, well-organized activity areas. Organized a variety of materials on low, open shelves for children to use independently.  
  • Be able to lift 40 pounds
Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities. It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility that is included in the Staff Handbook.  

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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