Classroom Teacher - Woodbridge Public Schools
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Elementary School Classes
Job Title: Multi-Age Classroom Teacher
Job Location: Beecher Road School
Beginning: Aug 23, 2019
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Elementary,Grades 1-6 (305)
Certificate: Elementary Education, 1-6 (005)
Certificate: Pre-K - Grade 6 (002)
District: Woodbridge Public Schools
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Telephone: 203-387-6631
Job Description:
The Woodbridge School District, a one facility PK-6 elementary district comprised of approximately 840 students, has a Multi-Age elementary classroom teaching position available for the 2019/20 school year. The salary is in accordance with the WEA Contract. Requirements for the position are: (1) State of Connecticut Elementary Teaching Certificate; (2) Multi-Age Program, team teaching Grades 1-4; (3) close teaming of four adult teachers is essential; (4) Emphasizes: Social, Emotional and Character Development; (5) community building; (6) Project Based Learning; (7) Multiple Intelligence Theory and (8) Resource-Based Learning Environment. A program overview is below.

While MAG experience is noteworthy, it is not a prerequisite.Team teaching is essential. MAG is staffed by four adult teachers and one assistant. Each adult teacher has a grade-equivalent base group, but also works with mixed-age groups. The children, families, and adult teachers develop close, long-term relationships. MAG emphasizes social, emotional and character development, community, child empowerment, ethics, process, originality, non-conformity, and multiple intelligence theory, in a resource-based learning environment. MAG recognizes that children have a need and a right to share the educational agenda with adults as part of the process of their own empowerment.MAG encourages diversity in areas of study, exploration, and invention. Time for deep reflection and problem solving is integral to the program, for adults and children. There is student-determined as well as teacher-determined project work and children are recognized for their inventive, constructive, and intuitive nature. Children have potential that needs an environment of flexibility and trust to find expression. Student decisions and judgment are taken seriously and considered meaningful. Group meetings and committee work are part of the process and student decision-making is emphasized. Students in MAG have an opportunity to be with chronological peers as well as peers of other ages, interests, and abilities. Student grouping is flexible, not bound solely by age, and changes depending upon the nature of the activity and interest of students. 
Applications consist of current resume, cover letter, certification, transcripts and three (3) letters of reference.  Apply in writing to the Superintendent’s Office, Woodbridge School District, 40 Beecher Road South, Woodbridge, CT 06525  OR submit the required paperwork above electronically to 
Please note only complete applications will be placed under consideration. Also, it is NOT necessary to submit documentation both electronically and hard copy. 

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.