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Position: Activities / Athletics (not state certified)
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: AAE Middle School Faculty Manager - JOB ID# 10308
Job Location: Academy of Aerospace & Engineering 6 - 12 - Windsor
Deadline: Dec 22, 2022**
District: Capitol Region Education Council (CREC)
Hartford, CT 06106
Telephone: 860-524-4036
Job Description:
CREC's  Academy of Aerospace and Engineering is looking for a Middle School Faculty Manager to assist the administration in the daily operation and management of the school athletic program.  

  1. Appoint, maintain, and support competent and knowledgeable coaches.
  2. Encourage regular participation in professional development opportunities for coaches.
  3. Monitor all coaches in a fair and thorough manner.
  4. Encourage participation of all student-athletes and coaches in community service.
  5. Monitor all sports programs at the school. This includes coaches, student-athletes, facilities, and equipment.
  6.  Hold formal conferences with coaches at the end of each season to discuss strengths and areas for improvement.
  7. Keep track of equipment and uniforms and make sure that anything lost is replaced.
  8. Monitor the eligibility of student-athletes and ensure that ineligible student-athletes are not playing in practices or games.
  9. Ensure that coaches are certified (CPR, First-Aid, Modules, etc.) and forward this information and documentation to the CREC Athletic Director, as requested.
  10. Make sure that fields, gyms, and tracks are ready for competition well-before the scheduled start time of an event.
  11. Be present at home contests or have a designee present.  If the game is at a neutral site, the faculty managers will communicate to ensure that at least one of them is present.
  12. Monitor transportation and ensure that students are presenting proper paperwork reflecting how they will be going home.
  13. Monitor practices to make sure that proper protocol is taking place and that student-athletes are active.
  14. Work with the school nurse to ensure the organization of student health forms, medical equipment and emergency contacts as well as the expiration of physicals.
  15. Complete and submit paperwork that is requested by the Athletic Director by deadlines that are given.
  16. Update information for CIAC website within 24 hours of a contest or change.
  17. Respond to voicemails and emails from the Athletic Director in a timely manner.
  18. Be in constant communication with school custodian, time keeper, bill payer and security guard and make sure they are aware of when they are needed.
  19. Be in constant communication with the principal and coaches throughout the year.
  20. Be diligent and creative in efforts to get parents involved in the school’s sports programs. This includes having them donate snacks, help fundraise, volunteer as score-keepers, etc.
  21. Promote an environment of excitement in the school based around the sports program.
  22. Find ways to give teams the best opportunity to have full rosters and compete for entire seasons.
  23. Motivate coaches and promote a shared vision.
  24. Actively recruit coaches to fill vacancies well before the athletics season begins.
  25. Look for facilities when needed.
  26. Ensure that coaches maintain updated information on the CIAC website and on MaxPreps as required by the CREC Athletic Director and CRAL Commissioner. Rosters, schedules, results, and statistics must be accurate at all times
  27. Work with school administration to ensure that facilities are open and available for practices on weekends and during school vacations
  28. Stay current on CIAC and NFHS regulations
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JOB ID: 10308

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