Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents
1. FAQ'S for Applicants
2. FAQ'S for Human Resources

FAQ's for Applicants

  1. What does the acronym R.E.A.P. stand for?
    • Regional Education Applicant Placement
  2. Is the information that I input for my REAP application secure?
    • We have spent considerable amount of time and money
      to protect the privacy of the information you provide to us in your
    • As you navigate the REAP system you will encounter "Security information" boxes. The boxes are indicators of how information is being handled. Please respond to the security information boxes by clicking "Continue' or 'OK'. This allows you to send information to us in a secure form.
    • Another important thing to do is always use the SIGN-OUT or FINAL SUBMISSION when you leave your application. Do not just close you web-browser or leave your application unattended.
  3. How do I get started with my application?
    • Go to the Main menu and choose Start a new Application, read the terms and then click I agree, then select the type of application you are interested in: Teachers and Instructional support, Administrator or Support Services.
  4. I forgot my username and/or password. What can I do?
    • Go to the **REAP home page (**=abbreviation for your state, i.e. CT, NM, MO, etc.) Click on 'Log In for Returning Applicants', click on 'Forgot Your Password'.  Enter your email address.  click on 'Get Password'.You should receive an email containing your password.  If not, follow directions to contact the REAP Help Desk.
    • E-mail or call 314-692-1205 or toll free 800-288-8115 with the following information: Reap State, First  and Last name and your street address.
    • Please remember that your username and password are case sensitive, so that means that you have to type in your username and password exactly as you entered it when signing up with REAP. 
  5. How long do I have to finish my application?
    • You have 90 days to complete your application or the information will be deleted.
  6. How long will my application remain active on the REAP system?
    • Your application will remain active for three years from the date of your last update.
  7. Are complete applications ever purged from the system?
    • Applications that are complete are never purged, they are rather placed on hold by the system three years from the date of your last update.
  8. How can I avoid having the system place my application on hold?
    • To avoid having your application being placed on hold by the system, update your application on a regular basis - at least once a year.
  9. What happens if my application is placed on hold?
    • If your application is placed on hold, Log in to ** (**=your state abbreviation).  Click on update or My Home.  Click on Final Submission.  Type in your signature.  click on Submit Application.  Click on "Hold".  Click on "Ok".
    • If you are having any trouble, contact the REAP Help Desk at 314-592-1205 (Toll Free 1-800-288-8115) for information on how to reactivate your application.
  10. If I want to give additional information about myself to prospective employers that the REAP application doesn't cover what can I do?
    • You can enter this type of data in Section 8, Question 8
  11. If I want to notify the school district of my interest, how is this done?
    • Check the job postings of the school districts in which you're interested.
    • Indicate your interest by responding to the job using the method chosen by the district. Either by 'Contact Email', clicking on a district supplied link or clicking on the 'Notify District I'm Interested' icon.
  12. My application is finished.  What do I do now?
    • Be sure to click 'Final Submission' to activate your application
    • You may send out cover letters to the districts you are interested in, letting them know your application is on the REAP system.
    • Search the job postings and email your interest
  13. What is 'Final Submission?'
    • When you have entered your information 'Final submission' makes your application available to school districts.
    • To do a 'Final submission'; click on 'Final Submission' from the left column  menu bar. Verify your contact information and type in your signature and click 'Submit'.
    • Remember each time you update your application you must do a 'Final Submission' to activate your application on the REAP website.
  14. How do I get back into my application to update my information?
    • Click the bookmark you created for the home page or enter location www.** (**=state abbreviation.)
    • Go to the Main Menu and click on 'Update my Application', enter your username and password and click  'Next'. 
    • On the new screen, click 'My Home', then click on 'My Application'. You can then click on the section you want to update and make the changes you require.
    • When finished click 'Final submission' to activate your application again.
  15. How can I put my application on Hold?
    • Go to the REAP home page at www.**
    • Go to the Main menu and choose 'Update my Application', enter your username and password and then click  'Next'.
    • Click on 'MyHome'. Click on 'Sign out' (located on left column), then click on  'Hold'.
  16. How can I re-activate my application after I have placed it on Hold?
    • Go to the Main menu and choose 'Update my Application', enter your username and password and then click  'Next'.
    •  Click on 'My Home'. Click on 'Sign out' (located on left menu bar), then click on 'Activate'.
  17. How do I delete my application if for any reason I no longer want to be considered for employment?
    • Go to the REAP home page for your state.
    • Go to the Main menu and choose 'Update my Application', enter your username and password and then click   'Next'.
    • Click on'My Home'. Click on 'Sign out'(located on left menu bar).
    • In the middle of the following screen is a pink area with the following message:
    • Please delete my application.
      I understand that I will have to start over to
      submit an application to the REAP system.
      Delete Application

    • Click on 'Delete Application', Once you do, however, there is no turning back.
    • (If you have never successfully gone through the Final Submission process your application will be deleted after 90 days. Applications, which have been active, will be kept on 'Hold' after three years.)
  18. Do I use the Teacher or the Administrator application if I am seeking a position as a School Nurse, Guidance Counselor, School Psychologist, Librarian, etc.?
    • For these positions and others like them use the Teacher Application.
  19. Where can I find Guidance Counselor, School Psychologist etc., when I am choosing a Job Preference?
    • You will find these categories and others like them under Non-Teaching or miscellaneous assignments.
  20. I can't find my teaching certificate in the teaching certificate list. What do I do?
    • Select 'other certificate not on list' and describe it in Section 8 additional qualification and comments.
    • Call the Help Desk and the REAP staff will investigate adding the certificate.
  21. How can I copy my finished REAP Application information in one State to another REAP State or to USREAP?
    • Go to the Main Menu.  Choose 'Update my Application'.  Enter your username and password. Click 'Next' and then click on "My Home"
    • Select  'State Transfer'.
    • Click the state to which you want to transfer your application, click 'submit'.
    • A message will appear on the next screen indicating, 'Your transfer is now running. This may take a few minutes.  To see if your transfer is complete, click below:'  See if Transfer is Finished.
    • If your transfer was completed this message will appear: 'Your transfer has finished successfully.'  It will provide you with a link to see your application.  Make sure you go through the new state to 'Activate' your application.

FAQ's for Human Resources

  1. How can I get information about joining REAP?
    • If it has, contact the REAP Help Desk with contact and mailing information for your district.
  2. How do I get started in the Human Resources section?
    • Click on 'Human Resources' from the Main menu  and then enter your ten-digit school code and your password in the space provided. Then click the 'Submit' button and you're in.
    • This assumes you have already entered www.?? (??=state abbreviation)
  3. What can I do if I have forgotten or lost my school code and/or password?
    • Contact the REAP Help Desk at 314-692-1205 or 800-288-8115.
  4. What can I do if I want to update a job listing but I don't have the Job ID number?
    • First log on to the Human Resource section.
    • Select 'Update a Job' from the top menu bar or from the HR menu.
    • Next use the link 'List all Jobs' under Type of Job. You will get a list of all active job postings. Scroll through to find the particular job you're looking for.
  5. How do I delete a job listing?
    • Log on to the Human Resource section.
    • Select 'Update a Job' from the top menu bar or from the HR menu.
    • If you know the job ID number enter it the box provide and click the update button next to it. This will bring up the job.
    • Verify that it is the correct job and then click on DEACTIVATE Job # ????   It is now gone.
    • If you don't know the ID number select the link 'List all Jobs' under Type of Job. You will get a list of all active job postings. Scroll through to find the particular job you're looking for.
  6. When searching applicants, if I choose one applicant from the result list, then click 'Back' to look at another one, I end up on the Sign-In screen. What gives?
    • This is a matter of increasing the browser memory cache. If you don't know how to do this, we suggest that you ask the Technical Support Division for you district.
  7. When my district hires an applicant from the REAP system is there something I should do?
    • From the Human Resource menu choose"Post hiring of Applicant".
    • On screen provided enter the requested information. This places the applicant's information Hold saving other districts from spending time contacting your new employee.